Since its foundation in 1992 FABRICATORE has shown continuous growth as a company producing mattresses of antibacterial, anti dust mite and anti-perspiration latex. The company has spent these years very successfully caring for how Italians sleep.

Continual research and use of the best natural materials has helped this entirely Italian product become one of the principal players in the national mattress market. Over the years the company has won credibility and market share, due to its over 350,000 satisfied clients in the whole of Italy.

Fabricatore’s new collection offers three main mattress types  that can be adapted according to personal requirements and preferences.

The company also uses the most up-to-date technology to produce wooden bed-base slats.

Fabricatore’s solid beechwood slats, have a patented system to regulate rigidity: the regulators can be moved outwards to make the central section softer or moved inwards to make it harder.  In the lower back position, the slats can additionally be raised or lowered to provide ideal support for this particularly delicate zone of the body. The shoulder area has 10 broad surface shock absorbers to differentiate between shoulder and neck; this benefits blood circulation and ensures that the backbone remains correctly aligned. These shock absorbers are in all versions of the bed base.

Finally Fabricatore offers a vast range of pillows to improve the quality of your sleep, reduce muscle tension and alleviate cervical arthrosis. The pillow range includes various shapes and models, each with its particular characteristics (e.g. the double wave form is ideal for those who sleep on their back) and materials, from latex to Memory, from aloes (to improve perspiration) to the ultimate generation pillows such as the Fresh PCM (designed to keep you cool and stabilize temperature).

To complete Fabricatore’s range, they offer the solid wood headboard, two mattress covers (Silver and Celliant), antibacterial pillowcases and the Celliant Winter-Summer continental quilt.