Stocco: bath furnishings designed to fit our daily routine

In July 1969 to Stocco brothers founded a small production company in San Giorgio (PD) specialising in manufacturing multi-functional furniture.  In the beginning of the 70s, the company turned its attention to the bathroom area. At the time, talking about furniture for this room was improper: the washbasin was the column type and objects were placed on shelves or cabinets next to the mirror. And thus, the „Risolvispazio“ pieces were born, true bathroom furnishings, still very fundamental in design but, once again, built with the objective for maximum functionality.

This is where Stocco’s philosophy, no its Mission was born. The intention became to „furnish daily life“ with furniture that, first of all and above all, is made for people, satisfies their needs and accommodates their daily routines.

Successfully negotiating the „glamour“ style at the end of the 80s, conveyed towards colour in the 90s, Stocco invested in research and development and, above all, in design. Strengthened by its solid manufacturing base and attentive to trends and fashion, the company entrusted its collections to the hands of well-known, sophisticated designers. From this combination, Vela (2002) was born. This piece of furniture would revolutionise bathroom furnishings. After years of minimalism and de rigueur, Vela breaks the monotony with its perfect and full yet not bulky curves. It became the most well-loved and copied of all Stocco pieces. With Vela, the water point becomes a design object and the shapes of the base adapt to the tub and not the other way around.

Today, Stocco is an appreciated and recognised reference point in the international bath furnishing industry – a large-scale industrial company where skilled managers have supported the owners. ISO 9001 Certificate: for the second year in a row, the company achieved the Dunn & Bradstreet Cribis 1 rating, certifying its maximum reliability.

The catalogue is made up of 9 designer bath furnishing collections, entirely Made in Italy. Vela, Arco, Ares, Pianoforte have soft and elegant in lines; 90,105,120PIU’, Collezione 48,  Linea_09 and 35 are minimal and with a defined line yet extremely modular and creative. Origami offers sophisticated solutions for bath tubs, showers and washbasins made entirely of Cristalplant®.

There is a wide selection of washbasins for the base units and they are created in the most modern materials from Cristalplant®, to Corian® to Mineralmarmo® and Ceramic, as is the line of tubs and showers. These are accompanied by a sophisticated line of lamps and mirrors. The crowning achievement among these is the Rainbow polished edge mirror chosen by Bed&Show for its bathrooms. A concentration of multimedia technology with Touch Screen controls bring a true SPA experience to the bath.