Staying at Experience Design is an experience of a personalized welcome, which is why we give you the opportunity to choose:



Latex pillow

main features: exceptional elasticity, maximum breathability thanks to microcellette intercom, ideal for those suffering from allergies.

Aloe memory pillow

main features: material capable of conforming thanks to heat and the weight of the person, so as to offer maximum comfort.

Latex memory pillow

main features: you can choose in one pillow the side part do you prefer. The latex part or memory so as to meet all needs.


Triuso Memory Celliant

The top of the mattress, to offer an unique experience personalized wellness. This mattress is modular, so it offers the opportunity to choose at any time and for any experience, the right set of the spine and the highest level of comfort, choose between the composition:


Hi-Tech & Style


design: Marco Corti

Armchair and stool with internal metal frame covered by shape retaining polyurethane foam. Black oven painted or black nichel painted feet. Not removable cover.


design: Carlo Colombo

Multi-layered, curved, wood frame available in veneered rosewood or mat lacquered. New finishing 2010 outer covering in stainless steel. Padding in shape retaining polyurethane with a density of 30. Upholstery covering in either capitonnè or smooth.

Smartworking & audio experience

From today in Experience Design, you can work in complete tranquility in your room, in the living area or even in our private garden with the optical fiber wifi network and the Plantronics excellence brand devices


Designed for small conference rooms, Calisto 7200 with 360° environmental coverage and echo cancellation ensures impeccable conversations. Always immediately ready for use with its intuitive touch-sensitive controls, it can be easily connected to your laptop via USB or smartphone via Bluetooth.


By connecting with wireless Bluetooth® devices, the small and lightweight FIT BackBeat headset lets you focus on fitness and enjoy music, delivering superior stereo performance and eliminating the distraction of tangled cables.


With the 500 Series BackBeat wireless headphones, you'll enjoy deep, nuanced audio with up to 18 hours of listening time on one charge, and a lightweight padded design that lets you listen to music for hours with maximum comfort.




properties: calming, antidepressant, sedative and balancing the nervous system


properties: antibacterial, anti-stress, stimulating the circulation


properties: antidepressant properties, digestive, sedative, ideal for emotional balance


properties: tonic, stimulant, balsamic



Exclusive Chef

For an event or for an exclusive taste experience it’s possible to book a dinner with a private chef.

Experience Design living room will be entirely reserved to offer an intimate and special atmosphere. It’s possible to choose the menu according to your favorite taste and it’s possible to follow the preparation of dinner in the highly technological kitchen customized by KitchenAid.

Dedicated Massage

Pamper yourself and give yourself time to relax.The massage that best suits your needs will be realized in the intimate space of your room. Contact us and we will send you a complete list of treatments to choose from.