Emotion and function

B-LINE manufactures furnishings for home, office and contract, interpreting a concept in design excellence that makes for a perfect combination of versatility, originality and functionality.

It all started in 1999: the moulds had been scrapped and all that remained were the drawings or, at the most, some reject pieces of Joe Colombo’s Multichair and Rodolfo Bonetto’s 4/4. The loss was unacceptable, we had to restore splendour to two such simple, ingenious and interesting items.

Since then, B-LINE began collaborating with Italian and international designers, proposing original products as well as some “heritage” pieces (as  for item Boby), using materials such as plastic, steel, hide and wood.

The designs selected are in line with a philosophy founded on absolute quality, both as regards the features of each product, as well as the manufacturing choices: entirely Italian production, frequent checks on materials used and, when and where required, skilled craftsmanship. And then, for clients purchasing from B-LINE for their living spaces as well as for the environment, absolute safety is guaranteed thanks to intelligent choices of the resources used.