KitchenAid, the brand with unmistakable style and unparalleled performance, was created almost a century ago in the United States. A complete range of small and large domestic appliances designed and created to fulfil the wishes of those who have always wanted to have a professional kitchen in their very own home. The design, creativity, passion and professionality that lie behind KitchenAid’s incomparable products tell the story of an iconic brand that is an expression of excellence.

KitchenAid:  unique appearance, timeless design, incomparable quality and professionality.

With KitchenAid domestic appliances, high-end design and performance come together in perfect union to convey an art of living that centres round pleasure, sharing and passion.  The appearance, the true essence of the brand, is expressed through three key concepts: timeless design, quality you can feel and professionality.

Timeless design

With an attention to detail and design that seeks to guarantee excellent results in both professional and aesthetic terms, KitchenAid domestic appliances are real style icons. All KitchenAid products are characterised by their timeless design, which is perfectly suited to any home interior or design.

Quality you can feel

Sight and touch are the first senses to be used when trying out KitchenAid domestic appliances and one look at KitchenAid appliances or one touch of their stainless steel can convey their solidity and sophisticated, high quality. These elements combine beautifully with meticulous attention to detail: the line that frames the oven glass; the sturdy, ergonomic steel handles, which are polished and then brushed; and the stainless steel knobs lathe-crafted one by one (not manufactured from a mould). These products are real style icons, made to last over the years!


For KitchenAid, professionality means taking inspiration from professional domestic appliances. It means making use of innovative, advanced technologies so that you can achieve sophisticated, high-end dishes like those you can enjoy in a restaurant. It entails using planning and design to recreate technical haute cuisine characteristics (e.g. the curved handle has no sharp, protruding edges, which guarantees an excellent grip and ease of movement while you are working in the kitchen) and it also means that KitchenAid domestic appliances are made primarily using stainless steel, with a special “fingerprint-proof” finish. A complete collection of domestic appliances characterised by a timeless design and the professionality of those who cook with passion.

Characteristics that have been with the brand since it was first created…KitchenAid: for the way it’s made.