We are a company of Piombino Dese (PD) which deals with many years of production of items for indoor lighting, our business is based on the experience and enthusiasm of experienced people who design, develop, produce and market products lighting.

Our market is already largely developed in Italy and abroad both in distribution and in the fields of contract and custom projects, including the development of two different lines of products: Effusionidiluce and Zeroombra.

Effusionidiluce includes a collection of lamps in classic shapes but cleverly reinterpreted for contemporary tastes while Zeroombra is a reality that has more recently decided to invest in new equipment that is sensitive to energy savings by using new technologies and sources of Led lighting with low consumption.

Of our invention is also Battiled, a new lighting system alternative to traditional baseboards. Thanks to the characteristic positioning, the system allows to light Battiled walls and floors in an effective and decorative also solve the problem of signal corridors or part of environments using the usual function of a simple baseboard.

Particular attention and emphasis is given to the workshop that we have inside, thanks to which we the possibility of creating personalized articles exploring new projects and make changes at the request of customers.

Hoping that the result sent to your interest we look forward to your feedback about it and remain at your disposal for information and hoping to start a fruitful collaboration.