Ever life design-Loft

EVER Life Design is a young brand that immediately expresses its strong and innovative character by offering a collection made up of impactful objects, complements and accessories that reinvent the bathroom and home space, giving it personality and style. Each object in the different collections demonstrates a decidedly transversal character that proceeds between different ages and functions. Here EVER Life design proposes a completely new vision of the way of thinking about the bathroom: the use of exclusive and new materials provides each object with an overall synaesthetic and aesthetic experience. Even time acquires a new meaning: the use of resistant materials allows each product to tell its story and live in different phases of life, becoming not only an object of design but indispensable for personal well-being.

EVER Life Design enhances its quality as a Made in Italy brand by giving each product in the collection clean and regular shapes that enhance its geometries and proportions.

Not only this: EVER Life Design has designed and created objects that can perform different functions in everyday life; some of these can then be used in completely new and unusual contexts of your home, allowing you to reinvent and reinterpret different environments through EVER Life Design, embellishing them with creative details.